Jones Fracture Surgery Question

Dr. Abrams,Hello again.
Well it’s been two and a half months now and still my Jones Fracture shows no signs of healing.
I have two choices, I can either use a bone stimulator or I can have internal fixation with an intramedullary screw.At this time point which would you do?
Do bone stimulators have great success with Jones fractures, if so what kind of time frame am I looking at?Otherwise, can the surgery to put in the screw be done via epidural or local anesthetic?
I have had one surgery in the past and I didn’t react well to general anesthsia.Again, thanks for your time and consideration.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    All of the choices are useful, depending on the individual’s circumstances (and sometimes finances!) That being said, really you should discuss your cooncerns with your doctor and get enough information to make your decision. Since I can’t see your fracture, I’m not able to guess what I would recommend. There are many variables to consider. Good luck.


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