Jones Fracture swelling

On 9/13/02, I suffered a Jones fracture.
After 6 weeks in a non-weight bearing cast, I returned to the doctor for another X-ray.
He put a cast back on and put me on an ultrasound bone stimulator and has me returning next week (that will be 3 weeks on the bone stimulator).
My question is: When I’m sitting or standing (with crutches), my foot gets extremely swollen.
Once I lay down and put my foot up, the swelling goes away within 15 minutes.
Is it normal to have this swelling nearly 8 weeks after the fracture, and does this swelling mean that the bone is not healing?
Thanks for your help!

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    While I can’t say that your bone is or is not healing, swelling is not unusual when the foot is hanging. As you are aware, Jones fractures are very difficult to heal. I think the bone stimulator is a good idea to try. When you are seen next, hopefully you will see some improvement. In my experience with these, even with a bone stimulator, it takes months to heal. Good luck.


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