Jones Fracture….Going crazy

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I broke my 5th Metatarsal 4 weeks ago while playing basketball.
It was a clean break with no displacement.
My Ortho recommended that I avoid surgery to see if the bone heals on its own and stay on the crutches.
I am very athletic and healthy so I took his recommendation.
After 4 weeks he took another xray and he is seeing very little healing.
I have been taking supplements, staying off the foot and icing.
He is now giving me 2 options….surgery or no surgery with bone stimulator.
I am really torn because I want to get back on my feet ASAP and my foot has no pain so I am still optimistic.
How effective is the bone stimulator and is it too much for me to expect union to occur anytime soon?
Should I not risk non-union and do surgery?
If I opt for surgery can I start bearing weight soon after?
Need to make a decision soon so any help would be much appreciated.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I have 2 patients at this present time with a Jones fracture. One just got a bone stimulator after 90 days of no bone healing and we are waiting for the 90 day period on the other. I get asked this all the time by these patients. My research comes up sparse for the success of bone stim and Jones fractures specifically. However the one I use (DonJoy) suggests an 85% success rate. My rep from Rehabilicare actually did the research on this. He is a former orthopedic P.A. so he is very objective. I have told my patients there is no guaranty, even with surgery. Either way it is a long haul.


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    Hey, I’m in the same situation as you, I’ve been on the crutches for 9 weeks, and bone stimulator for 7 weeks.. just went to the dr’s today, and I have another 4 weeks on crutches, he still sees little healing, but it’s trying.. i’ve been off my foot for the entire time.. so if you have the chance.. take the surgery.


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