Jumpers Knee

HiI underwent ACL reconstruction 8 months ago, I am nowstarting sports specific training for Basketball,i,e layups (without a ball ) squatting etc. I started getting some pain around my kneecap, and it felt like the pain was coming where the Surgeon harvestedthe patellar tendon from.
It may only be 2/3rds fullyfilled in so I might be putting strain on it and mightdevelop Jumpers Knee.
I have been told to stop the ‘power’ jumping for a few weeks to let it harvest infully – My question is ‘Will my knee get back to normal’ forme to get back to playing basketball or will I have towear one of those strapping. ThanksJulie

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    I was playing basketbal the other day and when I finished playin I could barely bend my knees. Its weird because it was not hurting when I was playing. I went to see a doctor and they told me my legs are okay but that I should follow up with a orthopedigist. I saw one and he just said keep icing it and take my medicine. My question is are there any exercises you know that I can do to improve my knees, if so can you email me as to wut they are. thanx


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