Just a sprain?

Hey, two weeks ago I slipped and fell down a number of steps at the school I work at and in the process managed to twist my right ankle inward pretty hard. I can take pain pretty well, but I felt a really sharp pain right after I fell and I could put barely any weight on that leg. I was surprised by how badly swollen it became within a short period of time but I didn’t get it checked out because I hate hospitals. I’ve been on crutches on and off for the past two weeks but lately my ankle has been too sore to walk on and I’m on crutches almost every day. It’s still kind of black and blue and puffed up and difficult to move because of the stiffness. It’s rather tender on the right side, so I have to be very careful when I walk. I really can’t afford to be off my feet, but my ankle is in pretty bad shape. Any suggestions?

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    Yes…take thee to an urgent care and get over the fear of hospitals. Get an x-ray and put your mind at ease. If you have a fracture you could be doing more damage not getting it attended to. Good luck!


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