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Understand that as a 16 year old 6 foot tall girl, I too have a BIG self esteem problem.I’ve been traumatized by everyone I’ve met about it.Every guy I’ve ever liked has just turned me down because of it, even if they were taller.Every girl wishes they were taller until they saw me. I can’t say I enjoy my man feet either.Everything I’ve mentioned are just the downsides of my height. But I have found that being taller also brings you much respect.No man will ever come up to you and try to take advantage because you’re intimidating (in a good way). In the workplace people look up to you (no pun intended) and the taller people always manage to land higher payed jobs because of their height.Height shows confidence if you have it or not.If you were the head of a company, would you pick the woman that can barely see over her own chair,or would you pick the women that stands out and has that dominant appeal to her.Sure sensored guys come and go, but the perfect ones will end up making you love your height.You can’t change who you are, just change what people thing of you.Stand up straight and look down at people like you own the place. As selfish as that may sound, you’ll agree it’s what keeps you going.Confidence is the key.If you ever feel like talking my email is [email protected]

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    this is a basic adjustment to your height issue but Ill say it anyway. have you considered including yourself in athletics such as baskettball and voleyball and mma and modeling where height is valued and is shared by almost everyone participating???just a thought on how you can make what you see as a lemon into lemonaid.


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