Kicked in ball of foot years ago, pain getting worse

Hi-About 10 years + ago, I was playing soccer and was kicked extremely hard in the ball of my big toe.
It has always bothered me off an on, but lately after any exercise it just aches and throbs in the exact same spot. Pushing on the area can reproduce some of the pain.
It never swells very much. I also have a small callus buildup in the same spot that it hurts.
From reading online, it is in the same spot bunions often occur.
My footwear of choice is flip-flops, and then my soccer cleats o) I rarely wear anything else.
Thanks for any help!Jenn, 27

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    I recommend you bring your cleats with you when you see a podiatrist. I think and exam and x-ray are indicated. Possibly a MRI of this does not show up


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