This is for a school project and I was wondering if youcould help me get started. I am taking a personalfitness trainer course and we are suppose to address acomman postural or imbalance that may contribute to injury at that area.
The question reads EX. A lateraltracking as a result of decreased glut medius and V.M.Ostrength.
Tightness in the lateral side and gluts andhow this may result in anterior knee pain.
We are supposeto address the topic as if we were dealing with a client.We will explain the problem to the client and then design an excersise program to help correct the problem. We are suppose to consider the goals of the client andaddress all the components of fitness.
It is going tobe on a video to hand in.

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    Terry Robinson PT

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    Weakness in the medial (inside) knee area and groin, along with tightness in the hip or lateral knee area, will produce anterior knee pain in the active individual. Strengthen the inside leg and stretch the IT band laterally and the symptoms should resolve. You also need to address the low back as well as the foot area as these areas can also be involved and cause ant. knee pain.


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