I have injured my knee twice a very long time ago in sports accidents. At the time I was diagnosed with a torn meniscus.
I took a little time off and went right back to sports without any rehab.
Since then I have had occasional pain in my knee and it will give out sometimes.
In the last three days I have had constant pressure and ache in my knee.
I went to a doctor and they said they didn’t know what’s wrong.
My knee is gradually feeling worse, but doctors can’t seem to find the problem.
Is there a specialist I can go to or some other option you can recommend?

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    May PT

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    Your best bet would be to go to an Orthopedist. This type of specialist can easily diagnose your condition, usually just based on a good medical history, and physical exam. If x-rays are required, they usually can take them in the same office. They can also treat your condition, which does sound like a meniscal problem (ie: “Torn Cartilage”). Please let us know how you make out, and good luck!


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