I had my knee scoped and it left me without any cardridge. Now I’m bone to bone.
It hurts to walk without a knee support of some kind.
The problem I’m having is the supports will not stay up, so I’m spending quite a bit of time going to the restroom to pull it up. I’m going broke buying supports. Can one be made just to fit your leg.
My thigh is large so it’s hard to fit into a x-large. I need a short one just to keep the knee from going side to side with velco straps below the knee and above the knee that slips on. Nothing gaudy.
The straps needs to go around the knee and below the knee.
I could probably ware an x-large if it’s not to long.
I’ve already gone the $275.oo route with a brace company and he didn’t know what he was doing.
When I went back he just didn’t know what could be done.
I knew then that I was on my on. Can you suggest a support that hopefully will work.
I’m 55 years old and have always been active with my kids and grandkids.
My next step is to have a knee replacement, but that can’t be for 6 years.
Please help if you can.
Thank you

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    Just wondering, why can’t you have a knee replacement for 6 years? I should think the quality of life with a bum knee would be more significant than your age.


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