Hi I’ve been in and out of web sites tonight looking for an answe to my husbands knee problem, he tore 2 ligiments in his knee 6 weeks ago hes seen an orthepedic doctor which he told him to wear the brace and it would heal itself, but he works still but with crutches, he came home tonight and from his knee to his ankle is so swolen it scared me its like twice the size of his good knee, im worried about him so much now hes in aot of pain and it looks as though its getting worse not better?? is that fluid built up that needs to be removed? or did he injure it worse? thats for your help Karin

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    For the last 14 years I have rolled a rib when lifting something heavy or coughing. This condition cases severe spasms in my back until I can have the rib manipulated to it’s normal position. Is there any thing I can do to prevent this from happening? It is so miserable. I am cautious not to lift but sometimes coughing is unavoidable.


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