Knee achy (clicking noise)

I am an avid sport/workout nut.
I am 32 years old and have worked out my whole life.
I find myself now with many aches and pains but one of which doesn’t seem to go away.
My right knee gets very achy when I sleep and sometimes when I am on it for too long.
I went to a orthopedic and he said it’s a form of Tendonitis.
I have done everything he has said (no squats, knee brace when working out, etc.). I still find it to get achy and sometimes the pain travel to my ankle (when I sleep).
I still continue to workout but don’t want to make it any worse.
It has come and gone for about 3 years now. Let me know if you have any answers to my questions.
I especially want to keep training but need to know what things I need to avoid and how can I fix it with my own physical therapy.
Thanks a bunch, Kelly

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    I think it is time for you to either go back to that Orthopedist, or get a Second Opinion from another Orthopedist. You might benefit from referral for a PT for some treatment and rehab. Let us know what happens.


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