knee again!!!

I had wrote a message here before and the lady answered me, so I thought I would try again! I had knee surgery 2 months ago the dr repaired the medial and lateral mensicus that was torn! Well 2 months post op still have pain and swelling ,went to another dr today and he said this is as good as it gets all we can do is to try and manage the swelling and pain! BULL! I am only 37 and I think I can do better! Don’t want any more surgery, just want my knee to be better!

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    My knee is hurting and it has been hurting for awhile, but the doctors think it is nothing to worry about so I don’t, but every time I exercise it starts hurting and it feels like a knife went through my whole knee. I think the doctors don’t reallycare about it that is why I haven’t been going to the hospital


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