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To Whom it may concern,Approximately 5 years (1997) ago, I had a tibia platea fracture. My MCL did not heal properly at the time and in 2019 I had further work to tighten the MCL up. My ACL & PCL are stretched and I still have some MCL instability. This all occurred on my left knee. When I walk my left leg has a valgus condition at the knee joint. My question is what type of knee brace could I get to help my situation. I have been looking at different knee braces my Don-Joy. I have been to my orthopedic doctor within the last couple of weeks and he did agree that a brace might help my situtation. Problem my insurance is not being very helpful and at the current time it is cheaper to order a brace online than to go with insurance for a custom brace. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.SincerelyBob

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    I have had several knee operations with one being a complete reconstruction of the ACL, and now have had 4 operations on the right knee and 3 on the left knee for torn cartlidge. What do you recommend as it seems when the weather changes, my knee on the right side swells up to twice the size, and is very painful. I am 46 years old, in good health otherwise, and work out each day, but no running. Usual work out is a fast pace walk, riding bike, wts. and lite wts. on the legsWhen the knee swells up there is like a “pinching” feeling inside and I am again arranged for more cartlidge removal in a month.RegardsBryce Simonson


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