knee injury

I was playing with my grandkids in the woods and we were going down a short ravine with a 35 degree angle.
I was leading with my right leg in a sideways position when the ground under my right foot gave way and the right leg slid down.
I heard a small pop on the inside of my left knee and felt a sharp pain. After a few seconds of controlling my dialogue (#@*%!)I was able to climb back up and hobble to the house.
I did the RICE thing and for the most part I can kind of walk.
I have been putting heat, wrapping with an ace bandage during day, gently stretching, and elevating in the evening.
It still hurts when I try to straighten the leg (in locked knee position)and have a general achiness/stiffness when I stay in one position too long (Ibuprofen!!) Anything else that I should do?
I REALLY do not want to go to the doc unless I absolutely have to.
I have an aversion to those folks!! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Maria, I hate to tell you, but you do need to go to see an Orthopedist. He/she can get a good history, do a physical exam, and take X-rays. If needed, they can also order an MRI scan. You need to get a specific diagnosis in order to do the proper rehabilitation. Please let us know what you find out.


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