knee injury related to back pain

1 year ago I was skiing and ended with 2 tibial fractures and a stretched out ACL.
I was in a full leg cast up to my buttocks..making it very hard to sit properly aligned.
Since then I have had one surgery to my ACL and next month I will have an ACL reconstruction.
My question is ever since I borke my leg.. I can not stand straight for longer than 30 minutes without having lower back pain.
If I move around then I am fine…. After standing straight without moving around I can crack my neck and I feel like I need to crack my back because I feel out of line.
Is this problem related to my knee injury? And if so should I see a chiropractor before or after my acl reconstruction? Thank you for your time.. Jessica

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    Dr Shane dc

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    Wearing a cast on your leg for an extended period of time, especially one that substantially alters your gait, can lead to chronic hip and/or low back pain. This is due to the muscle imbalances and abnormal biomechanics that devellop to accomodate the bulk of the cast. My recomendation to you would be to see a chiropractor while concurrently retraining and strengthening your muscles involved in ambulation. This combination would restore normal alignment, strengthen your core muscles and, perhaps most important, restore a normal pattern to your gait.


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