Knee joint laxity

Hi, I’ve been having problems with my knee for the past year and a half. I had a small sprain of the ACL in january 2017 and since then things have got worst.A bit of history… I did karate for some 11 years, which has given me very powerful legs but also very short muscles and a terrible posture. For virtually every movement I do, I compensate with some muscle that shouldn’t be activated.Now I changed sport, I do brazilian Jiu jitsu, that doesn’t work out as much the legs. My legs are still very strong but they become very “loose” like the muscles have lost tone or turgidity. Both my patello-femoral joints are very lax, to the point that I had had subluxation on the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus of my knee a few times. I don’t know what to do. The exercises that make me feel a little better are stairs and leg extension, but I don’t want to put a patch on the problem with these.Can anyone give insight or suggest a book where I can read about such problems? Thank you very much, Matteo


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