Knee Pain

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i have had a bad knee for a while but it has gradullay got worse. The pain is in my right knee and usually happens when walking upstairs, running or jumping. The main area of pain is through the middle of the front of my knee cap and feels like a sharp shooting pain. It sometimes leaves me unable to walk! does anyone no what it is????

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    Dibbz, this sounds like classic symptoms of what is known as patello-femoral pain syndrome. Some of the classic symptoms of this condition is pain on walking up stairs and sitting for long periods of time (called “moviegoers sign”). Although it is unclear of the actual causes of PFS, it is suspected that it has to do with the tracking (movement) of the patella (kneecap) in the femoral groove. If this tracking is abnormal, it can cause pain which feels like it comes from right under the patella.

    I’ve posted an article at if you are interested in learning more on how to deal with this condition. Good luck!
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