knee pain

I have another question for you this time about my knee.
I hurt my knee last fall.
If I remember correctly the doctor said I has crushed my Meniscus.
I went thru phyisical therapy but I never got back into gymnastics because my knee has always felts too weak.
I really want to get back into cheerleading but recently I have been getting sharp splitting pain in my knee cap and it has been feeling very weak.
I was wondering if this could be because of my old injury or something new. Also I opted not to have surgery but I had the option.
If I went to a doctor now and he or she felt I needed surgery how long would recovery be if it was for my meniscus?..Thanx again!

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    The knee cap pain may be a mal tracking of the Patella (knee cap). The meniscus can be repair with arthroscopic surgery. Recovery can be fairly fast depending on the injury. See an orthopedic doctor that does mainly knees.


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