Knee Pain

I have been running for about a year now.
I have custom orthotics and I have run 4 marathons in the past 6 months.
The last marathon was 2 weeks ago and I had serious knee pain in my left knee for the last 8 miles.
Most of the race (point to point) on a canted road surface.For several days after the race I have had knee pain (worse when walking down stairs).
I have tried 3 times to run in the past 2 weeks and each time (about 3-5 miles each) I have experienced the same knee pain.
The most amount of days off has been 4.
I now have not run for 4 days and my knee feels fine as long as I am not running.
Help, I really miss running.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    I think the slope of the road may have affected the way you run. Your knee should be examined by an orthopedist.


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