knee pain

i have had three surgerys since 3 04 on my right kneefor meniscus tear this last one in july they took all of the cartlage out im am now bone on bone I still am having some pain what is my next course of action and how long for recovory from it I been told they will replace the cartlage w artifcial thanks mark

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    Hi Mark,I’m no therapist, but I’ve had this done to my one knee and I know it can be painful. Always try Have you tried doing some minor exercises for your knee? Like leg raises (straight legged), keep away from Basketball or knee sports like Tennis (I was told to stay away from these sports since they impact the knee too much)If you can try avoiding kneeling, unless you have a tensor bandage on or a cushion to comfort your bad leg. If you can try getting a knee immobolizer, it will not only strengthen your knee in one direction, it will give alot of comfort. Best part is, you can sleep with it on. (It goes over your pant legs-otherwise it will fall off)Try that.


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