knee pain

i am in the process of training and applying for a police officer position. the testing includes a mile and a half run that I started training for by doing 5 miles on the stationary bike every other day and progressing into running up the hill by my house. When I started running I began to experience great pain and stiffness in my right knee and slightly less pain in the left knee. The pain is on the interior of the knee joint and does not hurt around the knee cap. It becomes very stiff and sore after a run and does hurt enough to have stopped my running at this point. I am doing leg exercises in the gym, extenions, curls and squats to strengthen the legs also.
Was wondering what I can do to help lesson the pain. any suggested exercises or training I can do to help this?
I must train as testing is may 10th and need to keep training, but wondering if you have any suggestions on how to treat or help this issue?

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    how does a back brace help for interior knee pain? lower back is not the problem at all…


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