Knee pain

I injured my knee a month ago. Not by twisting or any normal means… I fell off a horse and pretty much landed on my left knee, only. No, stupid me did not go to the doc, but self-diagnosed. Did RICE and then alternated heat and ice. this helped, also used crutches for a week as I still needed to go to work (which involves a lot of walking) I really feel that it is a severe bruise and its getting better every day. But I still can’t straighten it without pain. Can anyone give me some input on time frame of recovery. I have some pretty good exercises but I’m a little worried about how long it is taking to heal. Thanks,D

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    Diana –Did the same thing a couple of years ago. Fell off a horse on a jumper course, landed on my feet. Got back on, completed the ride, but when I got off, I had pain in my knee. Did RICE, took Ibuprofen, had some minor swelling, but no big deal. I thought (as you do) that it was a bruise/sprain/minor muscle damage, the pain receded, but I still couldn’t put full weight on it after about a week.My husband talked me into going to the doctor. Xrays revealed a very minor fracture on the top of the tibia, underneath my knee cap. At that point, there was nothing to do but keep an eye on it. It still aches sometimes, but not enough to bother me too much. My opinion — if you still have pain after a MONTH (!), it’s time to get it checked out.


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