knee pain and orthotics

I read all the questions and answers you have online.
I have had alot of knee pain for two months which was diagnosed as cartilidge damage.
No injury caused this.
Just like I suddenly started having heel pain about 9 mos. ago and got diagnosed with Plantar Fascitis – no injury.
I got orthotics which have helped alot.
I’m wondering if the orthotics are causing the knee trouble.
I think I need to have my feet and legs and gait analyzed, but I don’t know who to go to, and/or how to find a good doctor who does this kind of work.
I live in Chicago.
Can you give me any names or can you give me the right kinds of questions to ask.
Thanks very much for your help,Colette Nicolay

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    You probably need to see an orthopedist who works on knees. You might contact the local medical society.


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