knee pain as a result of orthotics

I have had about three cases fo kne pain associated with orthotic use.
One in particular was a lady who has heel spur syndrome and plantar fasciitis.
She has a moderate/high arch and had a pair of orthotics made out of graphite with a high contoured shape with no cushioning.
She siad her knees would hurt after wearing them and this had been going on for years.
She came to me with a prescription fo more of an accommodating device, so I used 1/8 pp for flexibility, but some support and a polyurethane heel plug bilateral with a rf post of cloud crepe.
She has worn them two weeks and now there is knee pain on the inside of her right knee and pain on the anterior portion of her left knee.
What is happening?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I would watch her walk and see if she has any gait abnormalities. She may have abnormal mechanics. I would want to know how she was casted for orthotics and what shoes she wears them in. Also does she have this pain without any orthtoics? I would also consider a consult with one of the larger podiatric biomechanics labs, such as PAL, Langers, Northwest, or Burns to name but a few. Most all of them have a specialist who can discuss this in greater depth.


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