Knee pain goes away when I run

For about two weeks I have had pain in my knee.
I run on a regular basis, but this was something that just happened, no real “event” I could say that it occurred. Right now I have some pain and occasional popping when I walk.
However, when I run and play sports on it there is literally no pain at all.
I have a doctor’s appt. on Tuesday, but was curious if anyone knew why I might be able to run and cut so comfortably, while walking now hurts.Thanks,Adam

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    I am no expert, but I had pain in my knee too. I run on a treadmill three times a week and my knee never felt any pain either. But, when just walking I would get pain. I am on my feet all day too at work. I went to my doctor and I was told my harmstrings were too tight, she gave me stretching excersises to do. Also, I bought better shoes to wear all day at work. My knee is fine now! Hope this helps


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