Knee pain, just below joint and inside.

I have a lot of pain on the inside of my knee, just below the joint.
I am 6ft and weigh 240 lbs.. I have a history of gout but that is contolled by medication. After reading the symptoms online I beleive I have symptoms of pes anserine bursitis…is there a recommended brace for that condition.
Pain seems to come and go…hurst when I keep my knees bent and when I straighten out.
Increased walking aggravates condition.

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    I’m not a physical therapist or anything, but I would suggest seeing a doctor to see what they have to say. You could either schedule an appointment with your regular doctor or see an orthopedic doctor and see what they have to say. While self-diagnosis can be helpful, getting diagnosed by the experts is often the best way to go.Be careful though, if you schedule an appointment with an orthopedic doctor, they tend to have very busy schedules that book out a few months in advance.


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