knee pain-Chondromalacia??

After running my last marathon on 9Jan05, I had a lot of knee pain on both knees.
I did nothing different during the run and my time was the same as is normal for me.
About 4 hours after the run I noticed this knee pain which I had never had before.
I waited my usual week before resuming running. I ran 5 miles and felt fine afterwards, the next morning however I had intense right knee pain.
It even caused me to limp.
The pain is on, around, and under the patella.
I am using a protec knee brace under my patella and that seems to help.. What is the recovery time for an injury like this?
It has been a week since my last run and my knee still hurts a little.
I don’t want to aggravate it.
Thanks for any help.

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