Knee Pains

Hi, my boyfriend has been playing tennis all his life and during the last month he has had trouble even walking because he’s had pains so bad in his left knee area.
He keeps complaining about how it hurts on the inner side of his left knee (the right side, nearer to the thigh).
It keeps getting a little bit better, but then it always gets worse with some wrong move, even just laying wrong.
He was ready to almost go pro and now he can’t hardly move.
He thinks it may be a torn tendon but isn’t quite sure.
Is there any way you can help me in finding out what the problem is? Thank you very much.

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    Hey stephanieim very active in sports myself, and I recently posted up my problem. I hurt my knee playin basketball. My knee locked in and twistd. It hurts in front inner side and as well as the back of the knee. Sometimes I get pains just from laying down too. I waited 2 months now and I finally am going to see a knee doctor. They will check out my knee and most likely give me a MRI to make sure what is wrong with my knee. I have been holding off so long, my other knee is hurting now since I have been using that leg more often. so now I have pains in both knees, but my left knee is worst. I suggest, u tell your boyfriend to immediately see your regular doctor and let that doctor recommend him to a knee doc and go from there…that will be the best way. If he keeps holding off, he may one day, not even play tennis at all. I love tennis too, and I want to get my knee better so I can continue to play as well. Make sure he sees an orthopedist(knee doc)…especially if he wants to go professional. If he doesn’t see a knee doc to help it, his career could be very short.I’ll let you know what happens when I see my orthopedist. Also let me know what happens with your boyfriend. best of luckernie


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