knee pain – unknown?!?!?!

I have a knee problem that neither my therapist or doctor can figure out. I’ve recently started sprinting after about 3 years off(used to do many short sprints for track and field) but as things started going well with strength and speed, I developed a lot of knee pain that has taken me out of training. The problem is, I can’t physically touch the place that hurts, it’s just all through the back of, and some outside of, my knee. I can put as much pressure downward on my knee(squat 450lbs) without pain but I can do leg curls or the pulling part of sprinting. The pain isn’t in my hamstring and doesn’t seem to be my IT Band. Help!! I can’t train or compete and nobody can figure out how to fix this!! Thanks for your feed back, Jake

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    : I have a knee problem.iam only 39 years old and I have knee pain in both knees it’s a dull pain on both sides of both knees and below both knees. I also feel a little weak in both knees. there is no swelling around either knee iam a avid walker and I don’t want to stop. what could it be and what can I do about it.


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