Knee pain-who to see?

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I’m 35 and about 4 years ago I fell hard on my knee, but it seemed to get better after a while. Stupid me, never had it checked. Now, I have quite a bit of pain going up and down steps or after too strenuous activity. Doesn’t hurt when I excercise or bend down, just steps.
Is it worth it to see doctor now? Thank you!



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    hey terri,About 3 mths ago, I hurt my knee playing basketball and after about 2 mths or so, I finally saw an orthopedist. I ended up gettng an MRI and he checked the MRIs and my knee for me. End result, I was fortunate enough not to have any torn ligaments or cartilage. I had some chondromalacia(knee joint issue) and some swelling. I was then referred to physical therapy to help my knee. I been going for two weeks now and it is getting better, but very slow pace. Knee injuries always take extremely long to heal.Okay,well hope that helpsenie

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    I would recommend that you see someone; either a doctor or Phycical Therapist. Put your mind at ease and get a diagnosis.


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