Knee Surgery

I have to get Orthopedic knee surgery, this summer(I have a torn miniscus). What should I expect after the srugery? How much physical therapy and such. Thanks a bunch.

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    I have had a torn miscus supposedly fixed. It’s just as bad as before the surgery I recently had a bone scan. The doctor said he was surprised at the amount of damage that he did not see on the regular xray for the MRI. He gave me a medication to take for l4 days to see if that would help. However, I was unable to take it because of swelling in the legs and problems with the stomach. My age is 64 and he feels that in the future I’m looking at a replacemsnt, but feels I’m too young at the present. In the meantime, I’m in pain,having trouble getting from a sitting to a standing position. My question is, how long should I go on like this? I can’t seem to go anywhere and do anything. What is the recuperation period? How much therapy is involved? I am about ready to get another opinion. I would appreciate any information that you may have. Thank you Irene


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