knee tendonitis-

im only a teenager and I play soccer alot, almost everyday. But now the outside of my knee, right where the knee bends really hurts. the doctor told me that I had tendonitis there and to rest it as much as I can, but I really can’t with all the teams im on, so I was wandering what kind of knee brace should I buy to help it and get rid of some of the pain.?

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    Hi. Yu could use a ‘CHo-Pat’ single strap brace. It has been said tp allievate pressure from the patellar tendon. That’s what my chiropractor told me 2 use while playing basketball. Also take a break from any physical activity (after your next soccer game) that would aggravate your patellar tendon. Ice your knees every night for a good 15-20 minutes. To find a good brace go online and search for “Cho-pat knee braces”. I have been asking tendonitis questions to these website people but these morons just won’t answer. n e ways thought I could help. Good luck


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