Kneecap & Referred Hip Pain

I’ve been through 5 weeks of physical therapy for burisitis and tendonitis in both knees.
This problem occurred gradually after increasing exercise from once a week to every other day – mostly walking and low-impact aerobics. Once while walking my large toe swelled and the doctor said osteoarthritis from the x-ray.
I did not put much weight on my right foot, then the swelling went down, but later on my kneecaps hurt so much I could barely walk.
I’ve improved but the doctor and P.T.’s say not enough and they want me to take steriod injections. All my bloodwork for gout, R.A., etc. came out normal.
I have osteopenia, which is the reason I was increasing my exercise and was taking Fosamax.
Is this an appropriate treatment?
Should I see a specialist – if so, what type?

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    I believe that’s what Julie is doing, but the so-called “professionals” she works with are not giving her proper advice.


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