L3 fracture-where to go from here

just wondering if you could help me with finding out what effect a fractured L3 and cannal narrowing of 30% will have on my life. The doctors have sent me home in a polythene jacket for 3 months but haven’t really told me much about where I go from here, how this will efffect my life. I am not in a huge deal of pain it aches if I sit up or stand for too long but don’t know when this generally will go away. Is it advisable not to do jobs that involve lifting standing up all day? or will I be able to do annything everyone else does if I am in no pain????thnkyou signed confused thank you for your time.

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    confused,Without knowing what you fractured on your L3 vertebra it would be hard to say how it will effect you. Breaking a pedicle will narrow the vertebral column, as you say has been done, but it may or may not have an effect. If you broke your pars interarticularis you may end up with a spondylothesis, which has a lot of effects. If in doubt call the person who diagnosed the break and ask them what will happen. It is YOUR file and YOUR body they have to tell you at least what is likely to happen. The jacket or brace you are wearing will offer support as the bone heals itself but will restrict movement to your vertebra and consequently will limit disc imbition, that is how they get their nourishment. Also stay away from any and all lifting and bending of the back until the break heals and if you do have a spondylothesis you will need to avoid lifting from the back for a long time.Best of luck!


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