L4-5 disc desiccation.

Can you tell me what all of this means?
I show horses and show season is ready to start (not without me I hope).MRI also shows subtle annular tear and little bulge of annulus.LS – S1 show mild osteoarthritic degenerative changes with synovial cyst formation.

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    Disc desiccation is a drying out of the disc. Discs are full of water. As they degenerate they lose water and become weaker and begin to bulge. Annulus is the outer cartilaginous ring of the disc. You have a minimal tear in the cartilage. In a nut shell you basically have degenerative arthritis. Although chiropractic cannot cure arthritis, it can at least stop or slow it down by allowing your spine to function more efficiently. When there is a lack of motion in a joint, the joint will begin to wear and discs will tend to dry out. Chiropractors will preform adjustments to these areas to free them up and restore function.


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