L-5 bulged disc on the anterior side of my spine

Have had this problem for the last five years. Been to numerous chiropractors.
They adjust my lower back but after about three weeks, my L-5 is locked up again.
I’m told that the muscles on the left side that hold my lumbar disc in place at the L-5 are stronger than the right side which has weakened up due to my low back injury.
I’ve done countless low back exercises and nothing has completely strengthen my right side muscles to permanantly stablized my disc. Right now it hurts just sitting.
I’m considering surgery.
Has anyone damaged their L-5 or have gotten better from a bulged disc?
If so, HOW? I also seen a bone and joint surgeon and all he said that they can do would be to fuse my last two discs together. Please e-mail me directly.
ThanksThe chiropractor that I’m seeing now told me that I suffer from a lumbar-sacral condition where my L-5 slides off my sacrum to the right and then outward. So it’s a bit rotated outward

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    I too have suffered many years of off and on aggrivation of lower back pain…With in the past year it has moved up to severe back pain… I have seen two different back crackers to no avail… The last Dr. after seeing the condition I walked in with (slumped over to the right side with visible pain when walking) sent me to a local back specialist… They took some x-rays and confirmed that I had a buldge in my L-5, right away he suggested physical thearapy to start with and either injections or possible surgery to resolve the problem… I turned to my friend who is a certified herbalist, he got me started with some natural anti-inflamitory doses and recomended an alcohol based solution for internal and external use… Those solutions are specifically designed to heal the disk and re-hydrate it as well…. I have not taken the solutions yet, but will start soon… I also saw an acupuncturist this morning and I am pleased to say that after a twenty-five minute session I was able to walk out of his office straighter than I have been for months… He told me it would take between five and six sessions for total relief…Out of all of the professional advise I have recieved lately the one thing that sticks in my head is that to properly heal one must make a lifestyle change…. So I started to research what kind of change this calls for…My conclusion is that the disk buldges because of improper posture that over the years the muscles have compensated each other, but now they cannot extend themselves anymore… The solution as of right now I believe is eliminating the situations that have caused the pain…Mostly slouchin… I need to sit and stand up right concentrating on proper posture…After the pain goes away I will start strengthening back musles as well as conditioning the musles that have not been properly used… I want to continue the acupuncture sessions to help relieve the musles in traction right now… I believe that the pain is caused from musle spasims and is not caused by bone problems… I hope this helps, I will be more than glad to keep you informed on my condition and hope that you do not chose the knife…Corey Schmidt


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