Labrum and Supraspinata Tears

Hello,Yesterday I received the results of an MRI done last week for shoulder pain. The report states that I have a small tear in my Supraspinata, and a larger tear in my Labrum. Both tears are at the point of attachment to and in my upper right arm. The pain has increased from about a 3 to about a 6, with flares to about 8. My question is, do I have any reasonable alternatives to surgery? After reading my description, I’m afraid I already know the answer. I haven’t yet met with my ortho, but would like to know the difference in time to heal if I have the surgery vs. just rest and painkillers. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

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    There’s some critical information missing from your summary. One is your age and how the injury was sustained, traumatic vs. non-traumatic. Also, you don’t mention whether or not you’ve had any PT yet. Often a good strengthening program can resolve the pain issues, but as stated previously, it dpends on age and injury and what you anticipate doing sports and activity level.Your doc would be the best to deal with all of the multiple factors in helping you decide what route to go. If you’re not a professional baseball player or overhead athlete you might do fine without surgery. Not enough info to gice appropriate advice. Good luck!


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