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I have a friend with a 9 year old child that just lacerted both his bicep muscles by the shoulder last week. He accidentally fell through a window and the top of his arm. He still has circulatory and nerve function to his fingers and such. They did surgery to close the wound but are giving not a lot of hope for regrowth? I guess scar tissue will form. I think the muscle has retracted some already. But the mother is not getting a lot of reassurance or direction about how to treat it, how to position arm, etc for the best possible outcome. Any ideas?

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    Oh my, poor kid.It’s only been a week…and yes scar tissue will form during the healing process. Is the child immobilized with casts or bracing of any kind? The doc probably does not want the child to move his arms due to the repair of the tendons. Have your friend call the doc and see if she can get her child some physical, at least for positioning and maybe some other ideas. Good luck and God bless.


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