Last resorts for foot.

I have had flat feet my whole life, and the pain has been too much.
Orthotics, stretching, and just about everything else has failed. My doctor has said if it comes to surgery, it would be to cut my achilles tendon, lenghten it, and re-attach it. I would like to know how risky the surgery is and what the recovery is like.
Please help.

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    Flatfoot is a garbage term and really doesn’t indicate where the deformity is coming from. There are many procedure indicated for flatfoot reconstruction all dependent on the etiology of the deformity. there are also many ways the lenghten the achilles etc…these procedures generally have a really good outcome and relatively little risk…but as with ANY surgery there are risk that your physician has gone over with you and need to be taken seriously. Recovery is also relatively short and will require your compliance and possible physical therapy. There are many different post-op protocal, and I am sure your physician has a very efficient and productive regimen.


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