Lateral Foot Pain

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Had Right Foot Open Plantar Fasciotomy (for plantar fasciitis)in March, 2014.
Developed severe lateral foot pain about 5 weeks post-op.
Still suffering from debilitating lateral foot pain.
Can’t seem to get a definite diagnosis and tx. Have had 3 months PT with only alittle relief.
Foot xrays show no fx, inflammation, a few heel spurs, and mild post cavus deformity.
MRI OK except possible stress/or trauma along cuboid.
Bone scan shows inflammation/stress involving cuboid and a few other bones/joints.
One MD said possible subluxation of calcaneocuboid joint.
What do you think? and how can it be treated. I’m miserable!
Thank you!


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Have you been immobilized in a cast boot?


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    No I haven’t ever had a cast applied. The majority of my pain is in front of the lateral malleolus. I always feel as if there is some support lacking! Also when I walk, I hear a clicking or snapping noise. My MD’s thought it might be Sinus Tarsi Syndrome or Peroneal Tendonitis too. MRI showed Sinus Tarsi area OK and no Peroneal tears. I have had 3 Cortisone injections in the sinus tarsi area last year. Only the 1st one helped, as I had trouble walking up and down stairs. I walk the stairs better, and I don’t limp anymore, but that pain in front of the lateral malleous is now there 24hrs/day. It is quite painful for me to lay on the lateral side of my foot at night when I sleep too! Any suggestions? Thank you!


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