Learning to walk again after crutches.

I fractured a bone in my legg, down by my ankel.
It has been almost 5 weeks.
My doctor said I can put full weight on it now, and can walk without the crutches whenever I am ready.
I just can’t seem to take that first step.
I was wondering if there is suppose to be a little discomfort? Or should I wait until it doesn’t hurt at all?
I am not even sure how much it will hurt because I haven’t taken my first step yet, but when I sit down and press weight on it, it doesn’t hurt real bad, just feels kind of brused. But I was reading a comment on this site that said there is suppose to be discomfort at first, and was just wondering if this was true?

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    Hey,After you have used crutches it is always difficult to walk again without them. If your OS cleared you can walk without them, then it’s safe for you to do it! Sure it is an uncomfortable and painfull feeling, but the longer you wait the harder it’s going to be. Try using one crutches for a few days, then don’t use them. When you go out use one crutch for safety. Gradually increase activity and you’ll be fine. Also regulary elevate and ice your leg. After I had major knee surgery I was on crutches for 3 weeks, then wheened off them, 2 days on one crutch and then I ditched them. It took me 7 weeks before I could walk normal again. Keep trying!! Helena


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