Loose toe nail, only connected at bottom, green…HELP!

about 2 yrs ago my big toe started coming off from my nailbed.
It’s only attached down at the bottom.
I went to a podiatrist who clipped the nail and sent it to a lab, no fungus he said.
It grew back (still not connected to the nail bed) and was green.
Same doctor said it was not fungus and due to my shoes.
He gave me a medicine you apply from a nail polish-like bottle.
It still will NEVER grow back attached to my skin so I learned to live with it.Now it’s green again…. What can I do?
I just clipped it down AGAIN, is there any over the counter thing I can buy?
Please help!!
: (

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Without seeing your nail, I can not say for sure. Green discoloration of a nail can sometimes be due to a bacterial infection caused by Pseudomonas. Sometimes using a dikuted vinegar solution on the area can help. As far as the nail reattaching, I can’t tell there is any kind of chance.If you want, you might check with a dermatologist.


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