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Hi,am being tested for lower back, hip/groin pain (have had JRA for 15 years). They are testing for a sacroiliac joint problem, hip arthritis problem or pelvic floor dysfunction.My symptoms are that I have bad pain in the very very lower back, hip and groin area for the last 5 months. It is much worse in the morning and tends to get better the more I move and throughout the day. When the Dr. has increased my usual dosage of nsaids for a week at a time, the morning stiffness and pain tends to get better (not completely gone, but better) for about a week or two at a time. I get a lot of relief from lying on my stomach and pain lying on my back. I haven’t really had pain while sitting until the last week or two, now that tends to hurt in one spot in my lower back.Any ideas or thoughts would be so appreciated—-


    Dr. Brian

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    Have you considered care from a chiropractor?? Even though Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthitis is not directly curable, the symptoms may be decreased naturally through manual mobilizations of symptomatic joints. Chiropractic care has provided natural relief to millions of patients, without side effects that NSAIDS or other drugs may cause. Good luck!


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    JRA sensored…every doc has their own plan for treatment…but it’s not something they see everyday so for the most part they’re shooting arrows in the doctor…my advice is seek different opinions…different treatment plans…decide on a routine to stretch and strengthen the muscles. NSAIDS are good meds if inflammation is the true cause of discomfort…don’t be afraid to ask your physician for medications that do what they need to…which is to help you work a program to get you back on the path of success, life and love.
    Good Luck to Ya!


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