Lumber spin issues

I’ve posted previously concerning ITB and ankle injuries. Both per partically caused by overpronation problems and my two flat feet. However, correcting the pronation has highlighted issues with my lower back and my physiotherapist considers that my lumber spin may be the true source of many of my issues.

I have been actively trying to correct my posture whilst sitting at this damn desk but I believe that I have been over-correcting and consistently straining my multifidi and glute muscles. The resulting aches and pains can be unbareable – but exercise helps.

The problems became a serious issue when I began to increase my weight training and also added ‘interval’ type training to my swimming routine (you can tell I’m a runner). I immediately suspected I had been lifting too much weight and stopped the weight training. However, the problem has persisted and I must now consider that the swimming may be the irritant! I am currently experimenting with reduced swimming and no swimming to prove my theory but was wondering if anybody else has any comments on any of the above…

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