According to everything I can find on this site or others, it appears I have something going on with my MCL. The primary point of pain is the inside, just below the knee cap where it feels bruised and I believe a ligament enters or attaches near the tibia/shin area. I am a cyclist and have logged over 4,000 miles already this year so wondering if this could be over use and/or my seat being a bit high or even cleat alignment. (put new seat on not too long ago). It almost feels contracted after sitting for a spell and remains stiff/sore until I walk a little. If I bend to do something and the leg is extended I can feel some pain and when I just stretch the leg, like laying and yawning, etc. I did not receive a blow to the outside of the knee, which is what most things I read suggest. Am wondering if I can continue to cycle and just ice after wards, or need rest. I did lower my seat a small amount but may need to go back to my shop where they did a comprehensive fitting at one time… and get it done again? Also, FYI, because of a spine/lower back condition, the same leg is approx. 1/2 inch shorter than the left. Well, according to my pants anyway! Any advice appreciated… do I need to see a dr.?

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