metacarpal fracture (boxers brake)

I broke my left hand last july by falling over a ladder in the back yard. the docter said I broke my fifth metacarpal bone in my hand. and that it would surgery to fix it.three pins and eight weeks later in a cast.the docter said my hand was as good as new.but i’m still having lots of swelling savere pain at the wrist joint.should I go back to the docter for this problem.need advice.

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    i have a boxers xture on my rt pinky. I went to the doctor 4 days later and he pooped it back into place and gave me a cast. I went back 2 weeks later and the xray revealed that it popped outta place agin. he popped it into place agin and gaveme another cast. I went back 1 week later and he reefred me 2 a surgon. surgon said I don’t need pins and gave me a splint. iz been 5 weeks since the injury happned. will I be able to make a fist and make my hands stright agin? wat cani do 2 regain movement and avoid deformity.


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