Metatarsal and ball of foot

Dr., I am early twenties, I had fractured my 1st MP joint about six years ago and recently some irritation began again.
I sustained the first injury while being involved in soccer.
It was isolated during the rehab with an orthopedic insert molded for my foot by the university I was attending.
I have two questions: 1)Is it possible that the first injury did not heal correctly or is it the repeated stress that is causing the irritation(as I am now involved in wrestling)? 2)Since the irritation began in the left foot I have shifted my weight to the right and since have now gotten soarness all along the metatarsal joints of that foot, what is the best orthotic to help with this pain-I saw a ‘ball of the foot’ support made by Silopad, is that sufficient? I appreciate your imput.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I would need to see your foot, watcht he way you walk and look at some X rays to give you a better idea of what would help. While Silipos makes some very good products, I’m not sure that this is the right thing for you. You would be better off seeing a podiatrist.


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