My tail bone pops…

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Hi, my name is Jenna and I’m 16.
I noticed about a year ago that when I crack my back, my tail bone cracks as well.
It is starting to hurt more and more and it seems as if the only way to ease the pain is by cracking it, and I don’t feel that doing so is right as I don’t know if it will lead to further complications with my lower back.
I was wondering if the tail bone is supposed to even crack as it is doing. Being so young and having my lower back hurt as much as it does, as often as it does, I feel that something is wrong. Can you help my out?


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    Jenna,It is probably not your actual tailbone (coccyx) which is popping, but rather your sacrum. If it is hurting to make it crack, it is a sign that you are doing more harm than good. What is happening is that you are getting so used to self mobilizing, that it has become a habit…much like when people start to pop their nuckles, then cannot stop. The more important thing, however, is that you are probably doing harm to the allignment of the joint, and making yourself worse. I would recommend that you stop, and try to refrain from self-adjusting. If you still have pain after a couple of weeks, you should go to see a Chiropractor. Let us know how you make out, and good luck.


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    Hi:I am 56 years old. I have been suffering pain in my tail bone since I was 16. I fell hard on some ice when I was 12 and couldn’t walk for the pain for about three days and couldn’t bend in any direction. I started having pain when I was 16. X-rays showed nothing. I was told it was probably pinch nerves. During my 1st pregnancy, I could not bend forward beyond 45 degrees without pain, but it went away.Over the years it has gotten worse. I’ve had dozens of X-rays, MRIs, etc. and been told over and over again nothing is wrong. I’ve been to physiotherapy 6 times, 4 different chiropractors, massage therapy, exercise classes, yoga and nothing helps. My pain is such that I cannot walk twenty feet without excruciating pain. I cannot stand at all in one position. Over the years my right leg has become shorter, my pelvis is twisted, my back is twisted into an S-shape and I stoop forward farther and farther into the day as I try to function. By the end of the day I cannot stand, walk, sit or sleep at night. No pain killers help. None of the doctors seem to take me seriously–the last doctor I saw said my pain was due to scoliosis–but I explained that I didn’t have a twisted spine until about three years ago and it was as a result of the constant pain. He refused to listen to me and that was the end of that. I can desperate. What can I do? I have lost my job and am at risk of losing everything else, including my home. Can you help me?


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