Nail fungus and numbness

I have, what I believe to be nail fungus on my left big toe.. I believe I got it from when I had a pedicure about 2 months ago… My question is, I have been having numbness on that toe also.. Can fungus cause the toe numbness?? I just noticed the fungus because my nailpolish was just removed from my previous pedicure.. I Plan on calling Dr but wondered could it be symptoms of fungus.. and also was told by our family dr, to use VICKS vapor rub for toe fungus 3 times a day?? Have you ever heard of that?
My daughter is a gymnast and had fungus and that is what he is having us use?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    The Vicks story along with many other medical myths has amazing resiliance probably due to people reading stuff like this on the internet. I usually will point out that if this worked so well, why doesn’t a drug company snap up the idea and market it as a “new ” product. What it can possibly do is soften up a thickened hard nail due to the chemicals in it. I have had lots of patients who have tried this and it has not worked. Lamisil tablets taken orally for 3 months work approximately 70-80% of the time. It takes a year for a new toenail to grow out. You can get more information at Novartis’ website ot do a search for Lamisil. Penlac is a topical that you must paint on the toenail everyday for a year. The success rate is somewhat less, but I recommend it when there is a very small area that is affected or the patient is afraid of taking Lamisil. I am not aware of the fungus casusing numbness. You should see a podiatrist for more information


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